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Internet Marketing

A successful online business inherently relies on its website topping the search list consistently. Besides owning a website, it is important to direct traffic to the site and this could only be achieved by creating a lasting impact on visiting customers. And this is where TERLS comes in, providing valuable insight in to client's online business service through experienced internet marketing services.

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Copyrighting

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Pay per click

  • Social Media marketing

  • Web Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

Through legitimate and cost effective means we help business to optimize the visitor traffic to their website. Using the best available technology with in house experts we help increase the visitor volume taking care to monitor the quality of traffic and stabilize online recognition. We are able to assure this based on our practices using analytical researches like keyword analysis, site analysis, competitor analysis, user behavior studies and search engine algorithm analysis. We handle each business as being unique to a certain industry and we our success is largely attributed to our result oriented approach in maximizing your ROI.

SEO Copyrighting

Terls system provides effective SEO Copywriting services that help you expand your client base and enhance your business opportunities. Through our customized SEO Copywriting services, we enable companies to highlight their services in such way that would elicit positive responses from online visitors. Our SEO copywriters create compelling, resourceful and appealing website content. We have an enthusiastic team of full time, professional content developers endowed with exceptional writing skills and capable of developing persuasive content

Search Engine Marketing

Our search engine marketing solutions help e-businesses achieve their websites' online visibility never seen before through strategic methodologies. We improve your visitor traffic, search engine rankings and generate good business leads. Applying accepted and whitehat strategies, we help in establishing a sound and trustworthy brand persona for your online business and enhance its equity in the worldwide web. We bring in the best minds in business and technical expertise to drive quality traffic to your website, the benefits of which will be shown in your ROI.

Pay per click

Our experts in PPC help your business make best use of conventional programs like Adwords, Yahoo! Search engine marketing, Ad center and many more to optimize your search engine visibility and gain high quality score with least investment. With proper stock analysis and linguistic research, we boost your ROI through PPC ads that are high in quality score but have less CPC (Cost-Per-Click).

Social Media marketing

Social media marketing is the current and fast growing trend in online marketing. Social websites provide the avenue for connecting to your potential customers who could enhance your business through feedback on the products and services. Social media marketing objective is to connect the business with the customers and enable efficient operation meeting the expectation of the customers. We at Terls offer social media marketing services to develop strong strategies for creating a vibrant brand image in the social media. To be able to achive this we intend to use blogs, social networks, forums, widgets and other online resources.

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