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Business Intelligence

Terls Systems skilled and knowledgeable consultants are adept at guiding your company through getting the best use of IBM Cognos, irrespective of you being mature or novice in adopting IBM Cognos. Our core expertise includes Dashboards, scorecards, reports, planning and ETL applications, and our consultants are well experienced in IBM Cognos solutions. A project's success is very much dependent on concrete planning and also on the experience and capability of the team. We at Terls systems believe that it is our job to help facilitate the discussions around the key drivers of your business and to help create the technology infrastructure to provide the right data to the right users to create business value and project payback. Our team utilizes a proven methodology, which provides a roadmap to transform business requirements into a successful solution.

  • ETL

  • OLAP

Data Warehousing

Organizations today face daunting task of integrating vast amount of data. At the same time the amounts of data increases progressively, demanding for new levels of data protection, and making data migration even more complex. Beyond all these, growth in business demands access to real time quality data to make right business decisions. At Terls systems we have the right blend of skills and experience to undertake any kind of data integration using the most easily available software. Organizations regard data integration as mostly a technological process, but not seriously considering how it impacts organization's long-term plans and the success (or failure) of business. The core to data integration problem lies in defining the strategy, as when a strategy is defined, the choice of tools gets much easier, and the risks are eliminated. At Terls systems we work towards developing a clear strategy and choosing the right tools in achieving the desired outcome.

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