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Application Development

Our application development services is built to enable clients optimize costs, enhance service and increase productivity through high performance business applications. We bring in valuable experience and state of the art technologies to not only build your business application, but also manage and maintain it under optimal cost and strict time frame in a risk free business environment. Under our application development side we provide the following service,

  • Case Management System

  • Web application

  • Enterprise application

  • Desktop application

  • Maintenance and enhancement

  • Migration

  • Testing

Case Management System

Terls Systems provides consultant service to the clients.  

COTS product framework designed to provide the business automation process solutions to municipal governments to automate the departmental services such as business, professional and animal licensing

Web application

We constantly strive to provide quality web applications bearing in mind the business idea behind it incorporating the design and technology that are in vogue. We drive the extra distance to integrate seamless work flow with business operations. Besides making it easy for the client we also bring versatility to their customers by infusing applicable features to make the application work in all types of platforms. The end goals is to provide a web application that are up to date in terms of security and standard besides making it hassle free in terms of maintenance.

Enterprise application

We provide enterprise application solutions to directly address client's strategy and growth in business. Our Enterprise Application services are aimed at developing diverse applications to enhance the operations of a complex organizational structure. The ultimate goal of enterprise application is to integrate real- time data rendering integration of entire enterprise assets like internal enterprise environment, business functions. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provide access to a single platform for organizations to share real time information and access mission-critical data. We also provide a strategic roadmap for growth through integration and automation of key functions and transaction processes.

Desktop application

We provide effective desktop applications using the best available technologies that are user friendly and versatile. The way we go about achieving is through the application of Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs). Applying our industry expertise and technical experience, we develop Desktop Applications that exhibit simplified version of your business process besides improving business performance and enhancing business productivity.

Maintenance and enhancement

Our maintenance and enhancement services objective is to assess you current applications and showcase the best. Through this service we expect to provide cost savings, reducing application downtimes and improving legacy systems. Our application enhancement services goal is to provide application modernization and up to date updates to enhance your business processes.


Through our application migration solutions we intend to address issues related to choosing the right technology to update. Our migration services are best equipped to address issues wherein applications span multiple databases, languages and different systems and offer migration solutions that allow seamless transformation of applications from one environment to another.


We provide load testing services for testing your software and web application. We bring in vast experience and technical expertise in providing quality service to help your application sustain through present and future unexpected load levels. Our domain expertise in software QA along with our high-end testing infrastructure help us deliver a full range of QA/Testing services which include - QA consulting, Test planning and execution, post QA reporting and programming guidance to fix issues.

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